Clean break orders - buy the precedent and send it to court yourself


Why are you selling a sample consent order?
We've noticed that a lot of people who end up on our website are searching for a sample consent order. It's that simple.


How much does it cost?
£60 including vat.


Who is it suitable for?

This document is really only suitable for people who are doing their own divorce and want the court to order that there should be no financial claims between the husband and wife after divorce.

There must be an agreement between the husband and the wife to this effect and most importantly that agreement must be considered fair objectively by the Judge before it will be made legally binding.


How do I know if the agreement is fair?

Everyone's circumstances are unique and it is not possible to say definitively whether your agreement will be considered fair or not without taking advice - and after all that is what you pay a divorce lawyer to do.

But you will find some more useful information on consent orders on our fact sheet

I want the court to order that I keep the house as well. Is this document going to cover that?

No. This consent order is a simple clean break order. All it does is dismiss any future claims under the various legislation connected with divorcing couples.

For advice on other issues you will need to see a solicitor or pay for our standard consent order service which includes bespoke drafting according to your personal circumstances.

How do I use the consent order?

You both need to sign it and fill in the statement of information for a consent order we will send you with the form. Then you need to send both forms with a covering letter to the court asking for it to be put before the District Judge for approval.

You will also need to pay a court fee of £45

The District Judge will consider both forms and let you know if they are acceptable. If not he/she will explain in a letter back to you from the court service why not and you can then decide whether you need to take legal advice or not.


No legal advice is offered with this service and we take no responsibility for your decision to use the form and to submit it to court for approval. In particular if the form is rejected by the court because the court believes it to be unfair or because it has not been signed properly we will not be responsible for your court fee of £45 or any other costs incurred as a result.

It is your responsibilty to take advice before entering into any agreement with your spouse or ex-spouse and we strongly recommend that you do so.


How do I buy the form?
Just contact us using the form below.



Author: Nicola Williams